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This charitable ministry can only be carried on through the generous donations of our parishioners who truly never let the needy be forgotten. Your donations provide wide-ranging support to many. Our sincere hope is that this plants a seed, within the recipients of your donations, that will grow into faith and trust in a living and merciful God. To provide the necessary funds to help achieve this end, there are a few options for giving:

1.  The Society conducts "Beggars' Sundays": on the last Sunday every other month, after all the masses, our volunteers will be outside of the church sanctuary with buckets to collect your contributions of checks or cash.

2.  Envelopes or checks marked specifically for The Society of St. Vincent de Paul: can be placed in the collections box outside the sanctuary anytime. 

3.  Paypal: Donate using the Paypal link or QR code.

4.  Electronic Giving: a program for the members of St. Katharine Drexel Parish to have their tax deductible offerings conveniently transferred from their checking or savings account or charged to their credit card. Offerings are credited to whichever collection is designated by parishioner, e.g.. Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Immaculate Conception Offertory, Sacred Heart Offertory or St. Patrick Offertory. The program is professionally managed by EFT Corporation, an offering management company.



5.  Script: SaveMart's eScrip is a program where a percentage of your store purchases is donated back to the Society. There are two ways to continue to donate.


Click on the DONATE button to go directly to the Electronic Giving enrollment form (new enrollment only). The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.  Our Tax ID Number is 26-4742291.


First option: Go on line to and follow their instructions. Our account is St. Vincent De Paul - SKD (this has to be spelled with capital letters exactly as shown) You need to set up a password and give them your phone number which you use at checkout to direct proceeds. You can sign up for 3 different charities. You cannot use a tablet, ONLY a computer!! You can monitor your own donations this way.


Second option: Use our SDVP help line number (209-223-5865) when checking out instead of using the old shares card. If you forget our number, it is also located on page 5 of our bulletin, in the left column under St. Vincent de Paul Society. If you need any assistance, please contact John Murphy at Thank you for your continued support.

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