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First Friday and First Saturday Devotions


From Father Colin's Pastor's Corner . . .

There is a rich and beautiful devotion in the life of the Church called First Friday and First Saturday devotions. We have largely lost this custom in parish life. Devotions are simple gifts to the Lord. Perhaps we can compare them to giving flowers to a loved one on St. Valentine's Day or singing Happy Birthday, or visiting our loved ones around the holidays. They are simple ways to show love. So devotions in the life of the Church, like attending Mass on the First Friday or First Saturday of the month, reveal a small act of love on our part for God and help make reparation for the sins of the world.


Once the shelter-at-home restriction is lifted and our Mass schedule returns to normal, we invite you to rejoice in these First Friday and First Saturday devotions. The Mass schedule for these days will be posted here.

Read more about these devotions to Jesus and Mary by visiting these links:

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