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What is Discovering Catholicism?

Discovering Catholicism is a year round gathering that delves into the richness and depth of the Catholic faith tradition. Each week a different aspect of the Catholic faith is presented for all to learn and question as we seek to make sense of our desire for the transcendent and the God who speaks into history through the person of Jesus Christ.

What happens at each session?

What are the talks about?

Each gathering begins with a time of prayer followed by a reflection on the Scriptures for the upcoming Sunday Liturgy. Then each week a different presenter provides a teaching on one element of the Catholic faith. Each session lasts just one hour.

We teach about the fullness of the Catholic faith, from the questions of God's existence and the divinity of Christ to the truth of the Church and the need for the sacraments. There is so much to learn over 2,000 years but our hope is to get each person started.

When can I start?

Who is this for?

Feel free to reach out to Ellen Waverly at or call (209) 223-2970.

I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Are you a fallen away Catholic who is looking to return to the Church? Are you a non-Catholic interested in learning more about the Catholic faith? Are you interested in being Catholic? This program is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Catholic Church.

Just talk to Ellen Waverly. Her information is above.

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